Black Walnut Studio

A Little Bit About Me

    I love working with wood.  I also love teaching.  What we do isn’t a secret.  It shouldn’t be a secret.  I find when I teach that inevitably I end up learning something.  I never want to stop learning.

    I have a personality where I can’t do things halfway.  When I discovered woodworking early on, I dove quite deep into it.  First it was on my own, then watching Norm and the New Yankee Workshop and reading too.  I ended up with one of James Krenov’s books and eventually found myself at Rosewood Studio

    I initially gravitated heavily towards power tools then almost completely the other way with hand tools.  With time I found a balance where I do the grunt work with power tools then spend my energy on refining joints and surfaces with my hands and the tools that they hold.

    It has been a great journey so far.


Steven Der-Garabedian









Mississauga, Ontario, Canada